There are many reasons why businesses choose to partner with Bart Consulting.


1.    We offer a full-service MYOB software solution

Bart Consulting was formed in January 2002 to offer business a complete and personalised, one-stop, all inclusive MYOB accounting software sales, bookkeeping, consulting, resource, and training solution.

MYOB is all that we do!  And we do it well!


2.    Bookkeeping clients gain access to consulting services for free

Clients who use Bart Consulting for their bookkeeping needs can access our MYOB consultancy services for free, a saving of $125.00/hour.


3.    Our rates are extremely competitive

Bart Consulting will always offer its services at cost-competitive business rates which will not be matched in terms of the depth, breadth and quality that we provide.


4.    Our focus is on saving you money by reducing costs and time

Bart Consulting helps business gain the maximum return from their MYOB software investment by empowering business to take control through effective internal resourcing, enhanced MYOB expertise, and greater reporting focus, and liberating the business from administrative tasks by minimising duplication, maximising systems integration, and exploiting all relevant MYOB software functionality and add-on solutions|apps to enhance business efficiency.


5.    We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality service

In the current world defined by over promise and under delivery, Bart Consulting prides itself on those time-honoured principles of honesty, integrity, professionalism and quality of service.


6.    We take a customised approach to MYOB service delivery

Bart Consulting adopts a personalised, ‘all of business approach’ to software implementation and service delivery, and where necessary, thinks ‘outside the box’ to maximise the MYOB fit.  Every MYOB client is distinct and deserves to be treated uniquely.


7.    We are a specialist in business and MYOB

We understand the psychology, challenges and demands of business. We also have intimate and specialised knowledge of MYOB software and broad practical insight having implemented MYOB across the diversity of industry and within businesses of all sizes, types, complexities and stages of business development.

We know business, we know MYOB, and we are adept at making MYOB fit the business!


8.    Most of our business comes from referrals

Because we are a client and service-driven business most of our work comes from positive word of mouth and referrals. As such, our success will always be tied to your success.