We train in anything and everything to do with MYOB.

Our MYOB training services are extremely flexible in terms of the mode and place of delivery, audience size, duration, content and complexity.

Such a range of training options affords you freedom of choice so that you get the right MYOB training in the way that you want it delivered.

Of course, if you are looking for something a little different let us know!  We would love to assist you.



  Mode of Training and Place of Delivery

Our MYOB training can be provided in a classroom type environment, boardroom, at a person’s workstation, or any other type of configuration. It can be delivered inhouse at your onsite business premises or offsite at another external location.


  Audience Size

Our MYOB training can be individualised on a personal one-on-one level, or maximised on a group basis to an audience of any size that can be accommodated in the training environment chosen.

We can train you one-on-one on your workstation, a team in their workspace area, or a large group in any classroom or training-type environment.


  Duration of Training

Our MYOB training can also be of any duration from a few hours to a roll-out program of continual learning covering the time frame you dictate.

We can train in short blocks of only a few hours, during set days throughout a given month, or progressively throughout the year as your circumstances dictate.


  Content of Training

Our MYOB training content can be specific or generalised, and as simple or complex as your business demands.  In short, our training covers every aspect of the MYOB software and all the underlying principles of transactional processing, compliance, payroll, tax and business management.

MYOB Software

Our training embraces every aspect of the MYOB software across the full ‘small business’ accounting product range and will assist you to fully harness your MYOB software’s accounting potential, business management capabilities and productivity time-saving features.

We can cover every module, function, feature, process, wizard, report, field and shortcut. Our coverage is fundamentally determined by your broad or specific business need.

Our training includes all the module and feature areas of Accounts, Banking, Sales, Time Billing, Purchases, Payroll, Inventory, Card File Management, Job and Divisional Costing, Tax, Data Management, Customisation, Preferences, Forms Design, Reporting, Business Insights, Datafile Management, User Access and Profiles, Financial and Payroll Year End Processes, Journals, and Add-On Services and Apps.

Business Management Principles

Our training also covers by necessity all the underlying principles of business and financial management, bookkeeping, reporting, payroll and tax.

These principles must be covered as they are fundamental to a complete understanding of the MYOB software and vital to your business success.