We will help you to tap into MYOB’s online add-on services or the exhaustive range of 3rd party add-on solutions|apps, so that as a business owner you can work smarter not harder, redirect your time, and focus more on sales, profit and growth.

What is an ‘add-on’?  Refer below.


This is but a selection of MYOB’s 3rd party add-on solutions.


An add-on (‘extension’, ‘plug-in’, or ‘add-in’) is a software extension that adds extra features to a program. It may extend certain functions within the program, add new items to the program’s interface, or give the program additional capabilities.  Most add-ons are available as self-installing packages.

MYOB add-ons are solutions that bring additional functionality into the MYOB business management suite, leverage off the benefits and flexibility of the cloud, and often solve pain points across your business.  They connect to and share data with your MYOB accounting software, eliminate duplicated data entry, enhance business efficiency, and save time and money.

With nearly 4,000 developers using the MYOB API there are more and more add-ons being created all the time.

For the current list of MYOB’s add-ons go to the MYOB Add-On Centre.

The cost of MYOB add-ons can be free or range from a small monthly fee to a larger yearly or one time purchase cost.  It all depends on the add-on service.