26 Jun

MYOB Exo – Product Overview

This article outlines the MYOB desktop based ERP system called Exo.

At some point you may outgrow MYOB Essentials or the suite of AccountRight Live products due to business complexity, transactional volume, the need for greater flexibility, or the desire to build an entire business management system (‘BMS’)(sometimes referred to as an Enterprise Resource Planning|’ERP’ system) that meets all of your individual business needs.

In this instance you may wish to explore MYOB’s Exo (desk bound ERP software) or Advanced (online ERP software) systems.

MYOB Exo is a well-designed and well-implemented business management system that is specifically designed for medium sized to larger businesses.  It is a flexible modular based system that can be built to suit your unique organisational needs.  The modules that can be selected are:

MYOB Exo Finance (Core Module)
Accountant’s Assistant
Fixed Assets
Job and Project Costing
Point of Sale
Serviceable Units
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Analytics

To obtain more information on this MYOB desk bound ERP system please open the Fact Sheet or read the information on the MYOB website.

And, of course, if you want further details please do not hesitate to contact us.