Ask yourself whether you are getting the MYOB results and service you deserve.

We offer businesses an all-inclusive MYOB software and service solution.

Because we know MYOB inside out, we want to ensure every aspect of its functionality, all it’s time saving features, and every cutting edge advantage it can offer is exploited to its fullest.  We also understand the intricacies, demands and uniqueness of business and the payroll, tax and financial compliance burdens placed upon business.   And finally, we have deep and diverse experience having implemented MYOB across most industries and in businesses of all sizes, complexities, and types.

With all this in mind we are quite skilled at making MYOB fit the business.

And all of our efforts are focused from the very outset on maximising the value a client gets from their investment in MYOB.

Our process is very simple.  If given the opportunity and time, we will resolve your immediate needs, interrogate your MYOB datafile to see what processes and functionality you are not exploiting and what you could use better, review your ‘whole of business’ to determine inefficiencies, work flow issues, and other ‘pain points’ we can solve, enhance the skill set of all your MYOB users through insightful training, and above all, ask plenty of questions to ensure the true value of MYOB is harnessed.

We are commercially focused, results-driven, customer-centric, and service-oriented.

Bart Consulting operates with absolute discretion by protecting the privacy, confidentiality and integrity of your business information and always offers its services at competitive business rates.

Everything we do is consistent with ethical business practices and honours the consulting, bookkeeping and BAS Agent Codes of Professional Conduct in terms of honesty and integrity, independence, objectivity, confidentiality, and competence.  In short, we are about expanding the boundaries of your MYOB experience and maximising every aspect of the software so that your business is fully empowered.

In partnering with Bart Consulting we will make business life easier, will save you time and money, add lasting value, and maximise your software investment through time.

So contact us now to see the true value we can add!