Our sole expertise is MYOB.

We know business, we know MYOB, and so we are skilled at making MYOB fit the business.

We are a specialised, one-stop, full-service, MYOB sales, bookkeeping, consulting, resource and training solution.

Since 2002, Bart Consulting has been the ideal hub for all your MYOB needs.

In partnering with Bart Consulting, we will maximise your software investment, make business life easier and add lasting value.

You can expect the following from us:

  1. Firstly, we will always provide hands-on MYOB assistance geared solely to your individual business.
  1. We will implement and maintain the right software solution over time.
  1. Furthermore, we will empower the business to take complete control through insightful reporting, greater financial focus and enhanced MYOB expertise.
  1. Most importantly, we will maximise your workflow, business efficiency and productivity by eliminating business duplication, maximising systems integration to and from MYOB, and harnessing all relevant MYOB software functionality and processes, integrated online services, and 3rd party add-on solutions and apps.
  1. Additionally, we will liberate the business owner from administrative and compliance tasks by providing quality bookkeeping services or upskilling your existing staff through one-on-one inhouse or offsite training.
  1. And finally, we will adopt a personalised, ‘all of business approach’ to your software implementation and where possible think ‘outside the box’ to maximise your MYOB fit.